Disseminate is an action-based evaluation, research and publishing project that aims to collect and share resources for the arts and health sectors. Disseminate evidences the benefits of community-based participation in the arts, offering case studies, best practice, evaluation tools and approaches that can serve practitioners, academics and policy makers.

Evaluators from the Disseminate team offer research and consultancy services to oraganisations needing assistance with evaluating programs or projects. We are able to assist with evaluation design, data collection, data analaysis, communications and advocacy. We also offer professional blogging and other print and online publishing services aimed at capturing processes and outcomes of arts and health projects.

Disseminate is an inclusive site and welcomes content that demonstrates the diversity of arts and health practice and the promotion of social inclusion. The PlaceStories system is being used as a key tool to create and publish content from a range of community groups and sectors as part of its research process.

Masthead Image: Katrina Barber, Light Series (detail), watercolour on paper, 2013